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Ms.Arama is the Adult has passed her "too ordinary life", she's one of Editing Team in CITY Weekly Magazine. Her nickname comes from her frequent use of the phrase "ara, ma!" (it means "Oh my!"). Her backstory was from Helvetica Standard too.


Arama has dark brown hair and black eyes, she wearing a dark blue armless coat with white T-shirt and grizzly mini skirt with stocking while working.





She really nice to him.

Editor in Chief

2 weeks in a row got mini skirt for weekly lucky item.


  • She's probably 29 right now.
  • She's the only one who believe the fortunes they're created.
  • She likes sweet food.
  • Her favourite weather is rain.
  • Her favourite horse is Machikane Tannhauser.
  • She's once swallowing a coin (luckily it was a 5-yen coin)